Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

Anleitung Papiersterne / Tutorial Paperstars

A friend of mine once showed me how to make these cute little stars...and as everyone I know who has seen them wanted to know how to make them, I didn't want to leave you out in the dark.So here we go...first of all you need to print out the document here on a normal A4 Paper-Sheet:
And then cut out as many pentagons as stars you want to make...I'd start with two ;-)

As one side of the pentagon measures 2,0 cm we now need paper stripes (normal thin cardstock - measuring 1,8 -1,9 cm x 32,o cm (a bit more or less - 30-34cm shouldn't matter). Now glue one stripe to the pentagon like on the picture shown.

The pentagon is only there to help you with the directions of your paper stripe... so we're not talking about milimeters here ;-)
So now we start with the folding (don't use anything too sharp for the folding lines - best: just use your fingers not nails):

On the following picture you can see that I would get a problem continuing like it all I did was pull the paperstripe a little bit to the left so that I could fold it over nicely at the line.

Keep on going...we're not finished yet ;-)

Getting there...
Folding ends here! ;-)

Now in case the paperstripe is a bit to long we cut it off. So we can glue it and put it underneath that one paperlayer...

It should look like this...let the glue dry for a minute...

Now here's the pressure-part coming into:
My friend uses the border of a table (I never managed that) and I use my thumbnail!!! So take the folded pentagon in one hand, hold, and then slowly put a dent in one side. It should pop out like on the picture (you don't here a popping sound ;-)

Now carefully do this with all sides of the pentagon...
If it doesn't pop to the outside but bends to the inside...throw it away... and try again from the beginning... Don't took me a few attempts to get it right...
When it worked with all sides, you should have your first star...
So for christmas better start now ;-)
You can make your own pentagons so that you can make different this is just an example...
Hope I was able to explain it right...any questions? ASK!
Try it out...I'd love to see your results!!!

Now have fun!


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