Freitag, 20. März 2009

Aunties BDay

Just a quick one...while working ways to much again *sob*...but thats not gonna change...during the I'll enjoy every little moment I can take for crafting...


Dienstag, 10. März 2009

To much work....sorry / Let it snow

Actually I wanted to name a blog every day, who I can forward this lovely first award...but I just can't manage with my time somehow...and never manage to get off work on time...So I decided to do it bit by bit....

Still...I had to do a quick my sweet husband wished its his colleagues birthday 2morrow...who always wishes for more my hub's going to decorate the desk...or actually going to cover it in "Snow" *tee hee* and this is the card to it...which he'll probably have to dig out first....


Mittwoch, 4. März 2009

"Granddads" Birthday

I don't even know his Granddad *tsetsetse*

But he actually doesn't really see him either...

so I just hope that he likes his birthday card a tiny weeeee bit. *fingers crossed*
I just love these flowery things I just got in Chester...

Off to make dinner know.


Sketch Saturday #40

As I already said...had the day I went on with Saturday Sketch #40 wich I thought was not an easy one...

Turtle Image was printed...needed a turtle for my mother-in-laws Birthday...Now off to the next one...for my hubbys granddad (85th birthday) hmm...that'll be a tough one.

Thanks 4 looking. ;-)


Dienstag, 3. März 2009

Dorothy's Candy mit super Idee!

Bei Dorothy gibt es all dieses hier
bei ihrem Special-Candy zu gewinnen. Ein Candy verbunden mit einer echt supertollen Idee! Aber schaut einfach mal selber vorbei!


Shopping Part 2

Back in good old Germany *sob*...ok I actually missed home sweet home...but I loooooved seeing my Mum again!!!! Ok and yes...I did a weeeeeeeeeeeee bit of shopping...(c pic) I just cannot wait to use it all...and yes I've got the day off guess what I'll be doing *giggle*.